Empty Bottle Blues

Avner Strauss  
Empty Bottle Blues Lyrics & Music by A Strauss

Rec Nov 16th, Dec 14

Empty Bottle Blues

It's early in the morning
just ’bout the break of day
I looked against the pillow
where my rider used to lay

I looked at the window
There's a pretty bird
singin' the sweetest love song
that I've ever heard

Still the world looks ugly
or there's just not enough booze
’bout the break of dawn
I got the empty bottle blues.

Now my bed is empty
and my bottle too
I'm feelin' lonesome
I got the empty bottle blues

I wish I had wings
Like Noa's dove
I 'd fly and bring peace
to all the once I loved.

Sometimes the world looks ugly
Oh and ain't no news
I'm not drunk enough
I got that empty bottle blues.

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