The Holiness Lonely day

The Holiness Lonely day          Music* & lyrics Avner Strauss

In The Winter
I want it to be summer,
In the summer I want it to be winter,
only in spring I want it to be spring

Autumn is the holiday of loneliness
When the leaves are whirled in the wind,
I am here and I want to be home,
when I 'm home I want to travel.

The fish in me wants to the water
The eagle to the air
My head wants to the west
my heart wants to the east

Lord where am I
 So many lovers and there is no love

From The Book of Poems :Birds of the Mind and Chameleons of The Heart
Cambridge Mass. 1976
The Music was writen for a vocal quartet , choir and arranged for Cello Viola 2 violins soprano and alt female voice
I will upload the music chart soon, the piece was never recorded, but still one of my nicest works I belive

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