Equator, a new Double CD of Guitar Instrumentals by Avner Strauss. Order it. Limited Signed Edition , released on March 13th 2013

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Liner Notes:

When I examine the music of the world, I see the primary division is between vocal and instrumental music, this division covers all musical genres, eras, and streams, and is found in all musical cultures.

Equator is my second instrumental album. My first, “Courtyard”, was released in 1991.

In “Equator”, I revisited 31 different instrumental compositions that I recorded over the last 30 years playing fingrstyle guitar with many different musical collaborators. The “Western Hemisphere” gathers recordings I made in the studio, while the pieces collected in “Eastern Hemisphere” were recorded in live performance over the years.

The difference between the two “Hemispheres” is the concept of improvisation. In the “Western Hemisphere”, there’s a firm and definite harmonic and rhythmic structure, and the improvised elements come to life within the boundaries of that structure. In the “Eastern Hemisphere”, the improvisation comes to life without the limitations of that structure, and mostly without the harmonic structure (which is a fundamental component of Western music), and is more like a musical stream of consciousness.

The Western Hemisphere focuses on Western Europe and the Americas, while the Eastern Hemisphere focuses on the Middle East, Far East and Africa.

While compiling and arranging this double album, the symbolism of the Left and Right Hemispheres of the brain also came to mind because of the scientific correlation between creativity or improvisation in the right hemisphere, and formal structure and organization in the left hemisphere of the brain.

This is my labor of love for the guitar and its maestros that I humbly bow to.

May my music speak to you.

Avner Strauss, 2013

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Disc One , Track 1: Duet For Solo Guitar

Disc One, Track 4: Memories

Disc Two, Track 2: Persian Shore

Disc Two, Track 6: Local Dance 1990

תווים Sadness

תווים The Rose and The Dandelion

תווים Water Dance II

תווים Minor Episode II

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