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Avner Strauss is a very ecclectic player, a sort of guitarist's guitarist who
has explored Flamenco, Blues, Classical, Folk, and Jazz guitar styles as a soloist,
in duets, trios, and even a full electric blues band with backup singers and a horn section.
One of Avner's first loves is the blues, but he also has a good
appreciation for any interesting guitarist from any discipline or musical category.

Avner and Tom

Avner Strauss was born and raised in Israel. He was drawn to the guitar and the
blues at an early age, and spent the early 70's in Jerusalem experimenting with
avante garde jazz and blues rock. In the mid 1970's he studied guitar and
composition at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.
On his return to Israel, he began writing songs in Hebrew that
had a rich base in American folk and blues music.
Throughout the 80's, Avner also began teaching guitar and music theory privately
as well as at the Jerusalem Conservatory of Music.
Although he appeared frequently on radio and television, his audience
remained a personal and intimate one, though very loyal. In his travels through
the length and bredth of Israel, he has gathered many devoted followers, and he is
always met by some smiling face that recognizes him on the street –
no matter how distant or small the town he's visiting.
Avner plays Jazz, Flamenco, Classical and Blues guitar, and has won multiple
awards at the International Guitar Festival held in Tel Aviv.
He has produced 3 audio CDs of original Hebrew songs including a live CD
of Blues in Hebrew, as well as a CD and animated DVD of his original children's songs.
Avner has also produced an instrumental guitar album that highlights his
many different musical facets and playing styles.
Avner resides today in the coastal town of Hertzeliya in Israel.

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